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We are a team of young, energetic, and creative professionals ready to push boundaries in mobile app development.

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As a creativity-driven organization, we have designed our selection processes in such a way that it gives us only the best of the pool. Creativity stems from freedom and liberty is inherent in 3MAPPS’s Culture. As a rule, we do not compromise on quality; we look for solution-hungry people, in other words, passion for what we do and far-reaching foresight about our customer needs is what makes us thrive in this competitive market space!

As a software service provider, we can succeed if we hire, develop and retain the most exceptional individuals. So; an Xcellite is expected to pass through a series of tests designed to assess where best s/he can flourish in our organization.

We follow these steps to welcome you

HR interaction:

  • The very first step in the selection process is a face to face interview with the HR Expert at OpenXcell. What we try to gauge from this dialogue is whether or not the candidate shares with us the passion for excellence, quality and client satisfaction. We look out for people who are proactive, self motivated, zealous and want to constantly up their learning curve.

Technical shortlisting:

Each candidate is grilled by our technical expert(s). Prime area of focus is to check the candidate’s computer science fundamentals, problem solving abilities and analytical skills.

Practical assessment:

Next, we provide the candidates with live test cases to determine the candidate’s ability to cater to the dynamic requirements of our clients. These test cases provide real-world scenarios for candidates to demonstrate technical know-how and meticulousness of their code. This is to practically ensure that our clients’ requirements are executed in the best possible approach.

Personality evaluation:

Next, we present the candidate with a few situations and scenarios. These are essentially to gauge their decision making abilities while working on critical projects. We look for people who are always ready to serve our clients with the best they have got.

Consistent excellence:

Xcellites are expected to upgrade themselves with the latest technologies and developments in the industry. A never ending thirst for expertise is what drives an Xcellite. We ensure that quality work is done in order to maintain client satisfaction at all times.

Are you fresher?

Join OpenXcell and get yourself an identity for a lifetime. OpenXcell constantly infuses fresh blood into its system and this pioneering effort has done woxnders for us. We are a bunch of young , talented and dynamic souls.

Join us and give your career the boost it deserves.

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Have you an experience?

The number one reason why people mention OpenXcell for job satisfaction is because we value our resources, give them opportunities to grow with, and excel at work. Most importantly we reward them for doing a great job.

We are in making of a history, Join us.

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