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Book-up project is a forecast web service for front office to set upselling percentage value of rooms, transient forecasts. Front office can get report describes total hotel arrivals or departures, total upselling arrival each month and total upsold.

Also, we can update our Forecast accordingly

Hotel Forecasted
– Occupancy %
– Average Rate
– Length of Stay
– Market Mix by Segmentation
Expected Groups (next 2 months) (inquiry)
– Arrival & Departure dates
– Number of rooms
– Room nights
– Status (confirmed/tentative/offer)

Special Events in hotel or in town
Room availability changes, such as rooms under renovation .

1. Overview
o Hotel Forecasted
o Expected Groups (next 2 months)
o Special Events in hotel or in town

2. Executive Summary.

3. Design Strategy for book-up project
o Business Goals.
o Target users.
o Stakeholders.
o General Tasks (“use the design to…”).

4. Entities
o Key drivers
o Forecast submission (Daily or Monthly)
o Upselling adjustments
o Daily Performance and shift performance

5. Workflow

6. Analysis
o Use Case diagram.
o Class diagram.

7. Configuration.

8. Requirements Evolution.
o Functional requirements.

9. Reports



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